Rapid response teams

One of the most important elements of integrated safety and protection of the Client is provision of services according to individual response of rapid response teams (RRT) of KMG-Security LLP to critical incidents.

The main mission of the RRT is operational and supporting assistance to security forces of the Partnership.

RRT’ tasks:

  • immediate increased protection of facilities in the case of emergencies;
  • rapid response to security incidents at protected facilities;
  • supporting assistance to security staff in the case of attack;
  • assistance to law enforcement, special and other government bodies in prevention, search and other activities in the area of ​​protected facilities;
  • escorting the people, goods, inventories.

Rapid Response Teams of KMG-Security LLP will response immediately, take immediate measures to provide practical assistance:

  • in the case of criminal actions on protected property or persons (assault, brigandage, robbery, theft, threats and acts of provocation);
  • during performance of certain assignments related to emergencies associated with increased risk;
  • during fulfillment of unexpected tasks related to meeting, leading and escorting using the elements of personal VIP security;
  • during activities on secret escort of client’s staff and customers at all served sites;
  • in the case of incidents at the facilities;
  • when tightening of security of facilities is required;
  • in the case of fire, natural and man-made accidents.

Material support of rapid response teams of KMG-Security LLP corresponds to the high level of equipment status, including:

  • high-mobility vehicle;
  • digital, satellite communication means;
  • GPS navigation;
  • night-vision devices, rangefinder;
  • searchlight, binoculars, compass;
  • weapons (including rifled);
  • special equipment, concealed vest;
  • signal flares (signal cartridges);
  • sleeping bags, gasoline and water cans;
  • packed lunch (minimum for two days);
  • intrenching equipment, wrench, antiskid chains and other equipment to be able to fulfill the assigned task at any circumstances.

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