of the Company of labor protection, commercial safety and environment protection

The Company believes that a mandatory compliance with all applicable regulations and standards in the labor protection, commercial safety and environmental protection is essential to the successful development of the modern business.

In this regard, one of our fundamental purposes taking into account the specifics of our security business is to maximize the maintenance of protection of health and safety of our employees at the workplaces, ensuring the safety of other persons related to the operation of the company, as well as full support of environmental safety and preservation of natural environment in areas of our daily activities.

The main provisions and aims of the Company include a mandatory compliance at all levels of management with current Kazakhstan legislation on Health, Safety and Environment, as well as its own guidance documents on matters which are not regulated by legislation or regulatory acts.

All employees of subdivisions of the Company understand and bear responsibility for compliance with the requirements relating to health, safety & environment protection. We believe that proper and strict observance of the health, safety & environment requirements from our employees plays a key role in a successful work of the company.

Goals of our company in terms of labor protection, commercial safety and environment protection:

  • prevention of accidents;
  • prevention of accidents at work;
  • careful attitude to the health of the employees;
  • saving the environment.

The fundamental principles:

  • continued commitment of the company management to the aims to increase a level of labor protection, commercial safety and environmental protection;
  • responsibility and ensuring safe operations by the Company, the awareness by all the employees of the company and its contractors the need of knowledge and compliance with the standards and requirements of health, safety and environmental protection, as well as their responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others;
  • care for the health of every employee;
  • proper training or re-training of all employees of the Company prior making new works or operations;
  • protection of environment with all available means and methods;
  • development and improvement of the Company policy to ensure labor protection, commercial safety and environmental protection among the employees as an integral part of the corporate culture of the Company.

The main priorities in the activity of the company:

  • maximum compliance with the requirements of labor protection and safety rules as well as participation in environmental protection at the locations of the protected industrial and other facilities;
  • creation of conditions for provision and maintaining health of employees of the company and the personnel of the protected objects;
  • reliable and rational utilization of natural resources;
  • compliance with health and safety rules as well as ecological safety during operation of specialized security equipment, weapons, fire safety, communications, vehicles, etc.;
  • participation in programs related to the improvement of health, safety and environmental protection carried out by the State and Clients.

The main quantitative performance indicators are:

  • prevention of violations and first of all extremely dangerous under which conduction of works is prohibited ;
  • reduction of injury rates;
  • reduction of danger ( risk) of a traumatic situation, environmental pollution;
  • reduction of materials and energy carriers consumption;
  • minimizing the adverse impacts on the environment;
  • reduction the amount of waste at all stages of its activity.

The following facilitate in achievement of high indicators:

  • application of modern technologies and products, as well as the use of vehicles, security equipment and communications corresponding to safety rules and commercial safety requirements and environment protection, as well as organization of a strict control over use of resources, including energy consumption in everyday life of the central and regional offices of the Company;
  • a compulsory preliminary planning of routes, constant monitoring of technical condition of security vehicles in combination with good driving skills can maximize the effective use of the car and minimal risk to the health ,as well as reduce fuel consumption that helps to reduce environmental pollution and improve road safety;
  • continuous improvement of confidence to us from our Client, business partners, community organizations, government agencies controlling and inspection bodies and the public through open interaction with them, as the Company operates in accordance with current legislation and requirements in the field of health and safety and environment protection operating in the territory of our Republic and inform on-demand of all stakeholders about its intentions, efforts and achievements in terms of labor protection and commercial safety and environment protection which became possible during the process of our business activities.

Ecological and environmental programs:

  • Participation in the implementation of all mandatory environmental rehabilitation programs at the Clients - partners objects ;
  • Use of contemporary technologies allowing prevention of the environment pollution in the course of activity of the Company subdivisions.

The Company understands well that the most valuable are the life and health of the employees, as well as condition of a full-fledged environment. In this regard, the management of the Company will continue to maintain and develop the most promising directions which make a particular contribution to the development of safe production activity and the environment protection.

We were entrusted to ensure their safety

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