Armed escort

KMG-Security LLP provides services associated with armed escort of inventory and goods throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The company has at its disposal all the necessary weapons, communication and protection means. Thanks to high professionalism and well-established scheme of escort of goods we assume full responsibility for the safety of the property from the moment of its transfer for armed escort.

Individual plan for armed escort of goods is developed based on the nature of the goods. All required details, type and transport route, general criminal situation on the route and potential security threats are specified in this plan.

Examination of satiation on the route is carried out first during preparation for armed escort of goods. In addition:

  • the detail route map specifying road police posts, police department posts, DIA contact details is prepared;
  • road accident frequency on the route is requested and examined for  identification of most dangerous areas of the road and  development of preventive behavior scheme and response methods;
  • detailed briefing and arming of guards are carried out.

Professional skills of employees of our company, as well as elaboration of all preparatory activities allow delivering goods safely to their destination.

We were entrusted to ensure their safety

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