The creation of the Ombudsman institute in «KMG-Security» LLP is aimed at strengthening measures to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest, improve the company's image, independently and impartially review all violations in the field of ethics, the requirements of internal documents of «KMG-Security» LLP and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Ombudsman in his activities is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of «KMG-Security» LLP, the Regulation on the Ombudsman, the Code of Business Ethics of JSC NC «KazMunayGas» and other internal documents of «KMG-Security» LLP.

The main tasks of the Ombudsman of KMG-Security LLP are:

  • assistance in resolving labor disputes and conflicts, problematic issues of a social and labor nature, as well as in compliance by employees with the principles of the Code of Business Ethics of JSC NC «KazMunayGas»;
  • assistance in improving the rating and image of «KMG-Security» LLP through early warning and settlement of labor disputes and conflicts;
  • ensuring informal communications between the management of «KMG-Security» LLP (regional divisions) and employees, timely identification of problems and areas for improvement on this basis, making proposals for improving the policies and procedures of the Partnership.

Ombudsman of «KMG-Security» LLP: Yerimbetov Serikbai

Contact information:

Address: 010000, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, st. D. Kunayev, 8, Emerald Towers business center, block “B”, office 705

phone: +7 (7172) 55-90-45, email:

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